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A nationally recognized turnaround management firm
specializing in interim executive leadership, asset recovery,
and investing in underperforming troubled companies.

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turnaround management and investing worldwide   We are an internationally recognized turnaround management, corporate renewal and equity capital investing firm. We are Turnaround Operating Managers, Equity Managers, Investors, Experts, specializing in deal flow, asset recovery, corporate renewal, investing in underperforming distressed troubled companies, and valuation enhancement. We purchase companies for our own portfolio, raise equity funds to increase leverage. We provide Transition Leadership for companies to shift between commercial, international and federal government markets. We focus on Value Creation, Asset Recovery and Revenue Generation. We prepare companies to 'Cash Out' at maximum valuation.

Strategic Management Partners, Inc. is the 2007 recipient of Maryland's Small Business of the Year, and the Governor's Citation, Governor Martin J. O'Malley, The State of Maryland. SMP has TWICE been named among the 'Top Outstanding Turnaround Management Firms' by Turnarounds & Workouts Magazine.   SMP makes Baltimore Business Journal's Most Active Turnaround Management & Consulting Firms List.   Strategic Management Partners, Inc. celebrates 20 years of service to its clients.   SMP celebrates 20 years of service in turnaround management and investing

Our principal, John M. Collard was inducted into the Turnaround Management, Restructuring, and Distressed Investing Industry Hall of Fame (Press Release), honoring those individuals whose outstanding contributions have increased the stature and respect of our industry. He has been honored by the Turnaround Management Association (TMA) as a recipient of their [TMA] award for Outstanding Contribution to the Corporate Renewal Profession.   He is a Past Chairman of the TMA, and serves on the Past Chairman's Council.   He has been honored by Southern Illinois University (SIU) being inducted into the SIU Alumni Hall Of Fame, and named as a Business Leader of the Year. John M. Collard is a frequent speaker, often quoted by the press, and has authored many articles on the topics; Early Warning Signs of Business Trouble, Working With Turnaround Pros to Preserve Value, Value Creation Model, and Investing in Underperforming Distressed Troubled Companies, and many others. See

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[Maryland Small Business of the Year Awarded to Strategic Management Partners, Inc!]
Strategic Management Partners, Inc. Wins Small Business of the Year Award
Sponsored by the Maryland State Chamber of Commerce

The Maryland State Chamber of Commerce awarded its annual Small Business of the Year Awards during its Growing Business, Celebrating Success event June 1, 2007. The awards program is designed to recognize the dedication, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit displayed by small businesses in Maryland. Award recipients received the Small Business of the Year Award from the Maryland State Chamber of Commerce and the Governor's Citation as a special tribute to honor selection from Governor Martin O'Malley, The State of Maryland. Maryland State Chamber of Commerce. Helping businesses in trouble with turnaround management and investing.
[Turnaround Management, Restructuring, Distressed Investing Hall Of Fame!]
John M. Collard, Chairman, Strategic Managent Partners, Inc.
Enters Turnaround Management, Restructuring, Distressed Investing Hall Of Fame

Hall of Fame is Centerpiece of 20th Anniversary Celebration. The Turnaround Management Association is pleased to honor and preserve the names of those whose outstanding individual contributions have made a lasting positive impact on an industry dedicated to stabilizing underperforming companies, rebuilding corporate value, and retaining jobs. They have increased the stature and respect of our industry. TMA is the premier professional community dedicated to corporate renewal, turnaround management, restructuring, and distressed investing.
[John M. Collard, turnaround manager and investor says his product is me!]
Turnaround Specialist says his 'product is me'

Specialist: John M. Collard's job, which he has done around the world, is to turn around distressed companies, but Network Technologies presented a different challenge.

When John M. Collard arrived at Network Technologies Group, Inc., an empty desk and chair were all that filled his office. There was no computer. The file drawers were empty. The walls were bare. "There was nothing here," Collard recalled. A turnaround specialist whose job is to rescue troubled companies, Collard had been hired by the investors and the board to figure out what was going on inside, to stabilize the company, and to find and hire his replacement. This time was different.
[Recent Press, Strategic Management Partners, Inc.!]

[The rise and fall Saga of Network Technologies Group, Inc.!]
The rise and fall Saga of Network Technologies Group, Inc.

Collard Discovers Bank Fraud and Accounting Irregularities, the 1st day on the job.
The company is forced to liquidate amidst Federal and State Investigations. Four top executives indicted on federal charges of mail, wire and bank fraud.
Mercantile recovers only $2M of the $3.5M it had invested.

The company grew to $30 million in 2001, but then the telecommunications slowdown was a catalyst for management to 'cook-the-books'. John M. Collard was hired by the equity investors as Chief Executive Officer on July 1st, 2002, and found bank fraud, theft, money laundering, and accounting irregularities. The company could not find additional investors to put in more cash and couldn't make payroll July 12th. Collard was forced to lay off all 125 employees, while authorities looked on. Police presence was necessary to maintain order. The company assets were auctioned off on August 27th to partially repay Mercantile, the primary secured creditor. Investigations by both Federal and State authorities produce Federal Grand Jury indictments for mail, wire, and bank fraud against top executives. Three plead guilty and are sentenced to prison terms and restitution.   Civil suits and litigation were extended for years, well into 2007.

Several News Publications Picked Up the Story     --     Take a Look
The Baltimore Sun
Baltimore Business Journal
The Daily Record

Consummate Transition, A Year in the Making -- Sowers Printing Company has completed the turnaround and transition that was started almost a year ago. John M. Collard, president of Strategic Management Partners guided the company, as interim chief operating officer, through the process and hired a permanent management team to run the company. The company is booking sales at record pace.

SMP Revitalizes Printing Company in Transition -- A $10 million Printer and Lithographer is undergoing change and transition. SMP is named interim COO to transform the company and prepare it for the future in a digitized world. Select Openings

SMP Advises World Bank -- On Privatization. Teaches Turnaround Management and Equity Investing Techniques to Russian Bankruptcy and Privatization Agency Officials in Moscow

SMP Captures $80 million Fund -- Becomes Special Advisor to and Co-Manager of Turnaround Management Investment and Privatization Fund

SMP Raising $50 million Equity Fund -- The Strategic Equity Capital Investment Fund will invest in underperforming and undervalued companies. Modeled after a venture capital structure, the fund will perform like an industrial holding company, investing in selected companies, serve as board members and advisors to management, provide strategic focus and market positioning expertise, and sell or take public companies in the future.

SMP Twice Named Among Top 12 Outstanding Turnaround Management Firms -- In 1993 -- and Again In 1995 -- The Turnarounds & Workouts Magazine , The magazine dedicated to covering news and what is happening in the turnaround management, workouts, and bankruptcy industries. Each year t & w performs a survey to determine the best firms in the industry. Strategic Management Partners has been named to this 'Top 12 List' twice. The firm is listed on the t&w Outstanding Turnaround Management Firms 'Hall of Fame'.

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SMP makes Baltimore Business Journal's Most Active Turnaround Management & Consulting Firms List.  

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2008 Distressed & Turnaround Investment Forum -- New York, May 14, 2008   @SMP
Press Release: Collard to Speak at 2008 Distressed & Turnaround Investment Forum
on Building Value in Underperforming, Distressed and Troubled Companies
DealFlow Media, Inc., The Distressed Debt Conference 2008 -- New York, March 5, 2008   @SMP
Press Release: Collard Speaks: DealFlow Media Distressed Debt Conference, State of Leveraged Buy-out Market: Shifting to Fix-up Deals
2007 Distressed & Turnaround Investment Forum
Mining Value From Underperforming & Troubled Companies
September 24, 2007 at The Flamingo Las Vegas, Collard moderates a panel discussion on Mining Value From Underperforming & Troubled Companies. The program is hosted by International Institute For Business Information & Growth ( For Information See Press Release: Collard Speaks at 2007 Distressed & Turnaround Investment Forum
Dow Jones Distressed Investing Forum: Vetting The Deal
Collard speaks on Vetting The Deal at the Dow Jones Distressed Investment Forum at the Grand Hyatt, New York

turnaround management and investing

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John M. Collard, Chairman, CTP
Strategic Management Partners, Inc.
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