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Network Technologies Group, Inc. hires new CEO
John M. Collard becomes Interim Executive Leader
John M. Collard, Chairman, Strategic Management Partners, Inc. was interim CEO for Network Technologies Group, Inc.
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[Extra!Extra!] Baltimore, Maryland — John M. Collard has been named Chief Executive Officer, and a member of the Board of Directors, of Network Technologies Group, Inc. He replaces Ms. Michele Tobin, a co-founder who has resigned to pursue other interests.

Network Technologies Group (NTG) is a leading provider in the eastern U.S. of infrastructure services to the communication, cable television and utility industries. The company employs 125 workers in the Baltimore metro area. The company has experienced rapid growth since its founding in 1998, while operating profitably. The company is very optimistic about its future in the infrastructure services market, which is estimated to be a $40 billion industry and growing at 10-15% annually.

Ms. Nora Zietz, Director of the Abell Venture Fund, an investor in the company and a Board Member said, “John is nationally recognized as an Interim Executive who comes into companies on short notice. The Board has asked him to work with the management team to continue growing the Company and refine strategies until such time as permanent leadership can be located.”

The Board selected Strategic Management Partners, Inc., an Annapolis, Maryland-based transition management and investment firm, to provide leadership during this interim period. The firm has a very successful track record helping many large and small companies in the telecommunications, defense electronics, government contracting, systems integration, manufacturing, and marine industries, transition into commercial and international markets.

Mr. Collard said, “my job is to bring leadership and stability to guide the Company, set strategies, and then hire my replacement.” Strategic Management Partners often supports the equity capital community in situations where interim executive leadership, fact finding and verification are required.

Ms. Gwendolyn Smith Iloani, President and CEO of Smith Whiley & Company, an investor and Board Member said, “We are delighted to have John on board. We believe that the real return on our investment will come over the long run, and will be well worth the effort.”

Mr. Victor Giordani, a co-founder and COO said, “We will miss Michele’s many contributions to the company. Under her stewardship NTG fast became a dominant force in the market. She has made a number of contributions that will insure our future success. I wish her the best. We all want the company to succeed. I am bullish on NTG and its future progress.”

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