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Release Date: April 28, 2008
Collard Speaks: on Deciding When to Buy & Building Value In Underperforming & Troubled Companies
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: Collard Speaks: on Deciding When to Buy & Building Value In Underperforming & Troubled Companies
Annapolis, MD   April 28 2008
2008 Distressed & Turnaround Investment Forum - East
Capital Investments -- Corporate Restructuring -- Turnaround Strategies
Creating Win-Win Opportunities in Mid-Market to Large-Cap Sectors

International Institute for Business Information & Growth
(212) 300-2520

Forum Agenda and Speakers at:

New York Marriott Marquis
1535 Broadway, NY, 10036
(212) 398-1900

May 14, 2008
1:50 PM to 2:35 PM
Panel Discussion

As the number of investments in troubled middle-market to large-cap companies continue to fill the portfolios of private equity, hedge fund and other sophisticated investors, there is a growing need to employ ‘big-picture' strategies that utilize both corporate restructuring and turnaround management savvy; in addition to financial and capital market innovations.

Creating ‘win-win’ opportunities in this market requires the marshalling of clever and multi-layered capital market, legal and accounting strategies. In addition, and more importantly, corporate restructuring and turnaround strategies must also be deployed to complete the process of mining value from underperforming and troubled companies.

There are many conferences that focus on the narrow subject of distressed ‘debt.’ But the issues and opportunities that revolve around debt in troubled companies are only part of the marketplace of investing successfully in the whole distressed and turnaround market. This Forum is the place where professionals representing solutions and strategies in this highly sophisticated and lucrative market will meet and discuss ideas and outcomes.

Getting In:
Deciding When to Buy & Building Value in Underperforming & Troubled Companies

John M. Collard, CTP, Chairman, Strategic Management Partners, Inc.
(Past Chairman, Turnaround Management Association)

Mark E. Chesen, Senior Managing Director, National City Capital Markets

Thomas H. Gordy, Senior Managing Director, CM&D Capital Advisors, LLC

Jay “Bud” I. Applebaum, Principal, Wingate Partners

Mr. Collard said “there is real value-added realized when investors bring in turnaround professionals to run a company or advise private equity investors on investing in underperforming, distressed and troubled companies in which they want to invest. These professionals bring a unique leadership style to focus on the immediacy of changes required. When a company is in trouble a different transferable set of leadership skills is required to set the company back on a profitable path.” “Focusing on exit strategies from the start is key to maximizing returns on investment. You must build enterprises that future buyers want to invest in.”

“More private equity and hedge fund investors are seeking the help of turnaround experts, and many are adding this talent to their senior management roles.” Regardless of who employs the turnaround manager, their unique expertise is required to be successful in this market.



Distressed & Turnaround Investment Forum-East Agenda and Speaking Faculty at iiBIG Web site

Turnaround Management Association
John M. Collard
Strategic Management Partners, Inc.
Annapolis, MD
Phone : 410-263-9100
Fax : 410-263-6094
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