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Release Date: December 28, 2008
Strategic Management Partners, Inc. Moves Library to New Host
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: Strategic Management Partners, Inc. Moves Library to New Host
Annapolis, MD   December 28 2008
Strategic Management Partners, Inc., Library articles on Turnaround Management, Asset Recovery, Private Equity Capital Investing in Underperforming Troubled Distressed Companies

Executive Leadership to Enhance Value
Turnaround & Crisis Management
Corporate Renewal Governance
Asset Recovery for Investors
Investing in Underperforming Companies

Strategic Management Partners is a nationally recognized turnaround management firm specializing in interim executive CEO leadership, asset recovery, investing in underperforming distressed troubled companies, and private equity investing advisory

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John M. Collard is a nationally recognized turnaround manager professional, interim CEO executive, advisor and equity capital investor; is a frequent speaker, often quoted by the press, and has authored many articles on the topics; Early Warning Signs Pinpoint Business Trouble, Change Leadership Style to Affect a Turnaround, Turnaround Mgt and Equity Investing Techniques, Working With Turnaround Pros to Preserve Value, Incentive-Based Mgt, Value Creation Model, and Investing in Underperforming Distressed Troubled Companies, A Rx to Renewed Health and Asset Recovery

Featured Article
Deathbed Businesses: When a Business Stops Growing. It Starts Dying.
Baltimore & Washington Smart CEO Magazines

Turnaround Specialists Can Stave Off Financial Ruin
Baltimore Business Journal: Banking & Finance Special Edition

Articles Of Interest

Building Value In Companies to Prepare Them For Sale
A Hands On Approach.
Mergers & Acquisitions, The Dealmaker's Journal, SourceMedia, Inc.

Investing in Underperforming Companies -- A Rx for Renewed Health and Asset Recovery
Buyouts Magazine, Featured Cover Article

Mining Value From Distressed Companies: Building Properties In Which Future Buyers Want To Invest
Journal Of Corporate Renewal Magazine, Featured Article

Fixer-Uppers: Creating Pre-Sale Company Value
New Jersey Lawyer, In Re: Special Mergers & Acquisitions Supplement

Investing in Underperforming Distressed Troubled Companies
Looking For The Exit: An Approach To Investing in Underperforming Companies
Dow Jones Bankruptcy Review

’Distressed Investing' Can Yield Healthy Returns for Savvy Backers
Baltimore Business Journal -- Mergers & Acquisitions Special Edition: Piecing The Deals Together

Mining 'the Gold' in Troubled Companies
ABF Journal Magazine, Turnaround Corner
The magazine for the commercial finance professional.

Value Creation Model To Build Value
Value Creation Model: Built to Sell
Shareholder Value Magazine, Featured Article

If You Build It ... Value Creation Model Shows Buyers Your Company's Worth
ABF Journal, Turnaround Corner
The magazine for the commercial finance professional.

Presentations & Programs on Building Value and Investing
Buying and Managing Distressed Companies
Thomson Venture Economics' Buyouts Symposium
Buyouts Magazine is the newsletter for management buyouts, leveraged acquisitions and special situations.

Competition for Good Distressed Deals Is Intense. Investors Warn: Be Skeptical, Hands-On, Disciplined
The Journal of Corporate Renewal, Official Publication of the Turnaround Management Association, the premier professional community dedicated to corporate renewal and turnaround management.

A Primer For Corporate Renewal
Published by the Turnaround Management Association featuring pertinent articles to help turnaround practitioners, consultants, private equity investors, bankers, lenders, and lawyers. Authors include: Tom Peters, Abraham Zaleznik, Rosemary Bowes, Phyllis Gillis, Jack Butler, Richard Walters, John Collard and others.

Western Turnaround Management and Equity Investing Techniques
World Bank, Economic Development Institute

Executive Leadership to Enhance Value
All Leaders Are Not Created Equal: To Save the Company -- Change the Leadership Style
Director's Monthly, Turnarounds
National Association of Corporate Directors.

All Leaders Are Not Created Equal. To save to company -- change the leadership style
Commercial Law Bulletin, Featured Cover Article

Working With Turnaround Professionals To Preserve Value
Work With Turnaround Professionals to Preserve Value
Lending and Risk Management News
The Risk Management Association, formerly Robert Morris Associates; the official association representing the commercial bankers across the United States

Recover & Preserve Value: Working Successfully With Turnaround Professionals
Part 1, When is Turnaround Specialist needed, how to hire
Part 2, How specialist operates, why firms hesitate in hiring
ABF Journal, Turnaround Corner
The magazine for the commercial finance professional.

Turnaround Specialists Can Stave Off Financial Ruin
Baltimore Business Journal -- Banking & Finance Special Edition

Working with Turnaround Professionals
Commercial Loan Monitor
Turnaround Pros: Who Are These Guys? An interview with John M. Collard on what to expect when working with turnaround professionals.

Work With Turnaround Professionals to Preserve Value
Capital Growth Venture Guide, published by Capital Growth Interactive

Businesses in Distress: Is Your Company a Candidate for Failure? (part 1)
Turnaround Financing for Distressed Companies (part 2)
Select, Engage, and Work With Turnaround Specialists to Preserve Value
Journal of Working Capital Management, a quarterly publication from Warren, Gorham & Lamont

Working With Turnaround Professionals to Preserve Value -- An Overview of the Profession
TMA Directory of Members and Services 1992-1996.

Defense Conversion -- Strategies for Federal Government Contractors
A Director's Guide to Defense Conversion: How to Avoid Minefields in the Marketplace
Director's Monthly, Strategy Briefs
National Association of Corporate Directors.

Defense Conversion, Myth or Mystery?
The Military Engineer Magazine
A magazine for the engineering management professional.

How to Restructure a Defense Contractor
Successful Restructurings
Turnaround Corner. Inside the Country's Top Turnaround Firms.

Incentive-Based Management To Get Results
Managing Employees Through Incentive Compensation. If You Want Results, Show Them The Money!
Fabricator Magazine
Official Publication of the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International.

Incentive-Based Management -- Show 'em the Money
Printing Impressions Magazine
America's most influential and widely read publication for commercial printers.

Set Strategy -- Build Mission Statement for Direction
Mission Possible: Six Questions Your Mission Statement Should Answer
BMDO Update
A publication of National Technology Transfer Center, formerly the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization.

More Than Words -- A proper mission statement provides an understanding of future growth directions
Fabricator Magazine
Official Publication of the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International.

Early Warning Signs of Companies Heading For Trouble
Deathbed Businesses: When a Business Stops Growing. It Starts Dying.
Baltimore & Washington Smart CEO Magazines

Is Your Company In Trouble?
The Corporate Board Magazine
The Journal of Corporate Governance, for the directors of Fortune 1000 companies.

Steering Clear of the Brink
The Journal of Private Equity
Published by the Institutional Investor, Inc.

Is Your Company at Risk? Here are some early-warning signs that pinpoint business troubles.
Strategic Finance Magazine
Published by the Institute of Management Accountants.

Writing Credits
Select writing credits include Buyouts Magazine, Director’s Monthly, The Corporate Board, Washington & Baltimore Smart CEO Magazine, Mergers & Acquisitions, Venture Capital Guide, The Journal of Private Equity, Shareholder Value Magazine, Valuation Issues Magazine, Strategic Finance Magazine, Financial Executive Magazine, Institutional Investor, Commercial Law Bulletin, New Jersey Lawyer, Successful Restructurings, Dow Jones Bankruptcy Review, ABF Journal, Printing Impressions Magazine, Print Profit Magazine, Military Engineer, BMDO Update, Manage Magazine, Contract Management Magazine, The Fabricator, Secured Lender, Lending and Risk Management News, Commercial Loan Monitor, Journal of Working Capital Management, Journal of Business Strategy, among others. In addition, we have been quoted or featured in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Baltimore Magazine, Baltimore Sun, Warfield’s Business Record, The Daily Record, Washington and Baltimore Business Journals, Success Magazine, Bloomberg Magazine, Europe Magazine, Bankruptcy Court Decisions, International Treasurer, M & A Magazine, Turnaround & Workouts Magazine, ABF Journal, and others.

About the Firm
Strategic Management Partners has substantial experience advising corporations and individuals on the strategic and mechanical issues of corporate development and governance, operating management and turnarounds for asset recovery, and investing in underperforming companies. Our principal has over 35 years experience in P/L Management, Strategic Planning and Repositioning, M & A for Strategic Advantage, Finance, Investing, Raising Funds, Sales/Business Development, Building Selling and Marketing Teams, and Operational Auditing = In Public & Private companies = In healthy and crisis situations.

We work with and support the equity capital community to provide assessment studies to determine the situation, planning and strategy development to direct the company, crisis management to oversee that assets are not squandered away, workout teams that recover assets, and board level oversight to keep the client headed in the right direction. We are a private equity advisory firm.

We seek strategic alliances with private equity funds.

Contact Information
John M. Collard, Chairman, CTP
Strategic Management Partners, Inc.
522 Horn Point Drive
Annapolis, Maryland [MD] 21403
Voice 410-263-9100 Facsimile 410-263-6094
E-Mail or
About the Principal About the Expert
Brochure: Future! Now! Turnaround Management and Investing, Strategic Management Partners, Inc.

SMP moved its library website to from when TimeWarner AOL closed down FTP and web operations.

Please contact us to discuss your needs, and how we can help. 410-263-9100

We turn around troubled companies, recover assets for investors, and invest in underperforming distressed troubled companies. We serve as experts for advisory, comment or quote. How can we help you?


Reference: Turnaround Management Experts

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Strategic Management Partners Celebrates Milestone: 20 Years in Business

Strategic Management Partners Wins Maryland Small Business of the Year Award
John M. Collard
Strategic Management Partners, Inc.
Annapolis, MD
Phone : 410-263-9100
Fax : 410-263-6094
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Strategic Management Partners, Inc. Contact John M. Collard
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