Sowers Printing is reaping the benefits of its reorganization by posting four consecutive months of record bookings. The company turn-around began with engaging a new interim Sowers Printing Company Chief Operating Officer, John M. Collard (see At the Crossroads), and President of Strategic Management Partners a transition management specialty firm, to guide the transformation. We continued with the addition of Arthur G. Schafer, General Manager (see Printing Firm Turns Corner), made more progress with Michael Bevacqua as Sales Manager, and Christopher Sowers as Finance Manager (see Transition Progress), and completed with Jeff Kreuer as Sales and Marketing Manager (see Sowers Completes Transition ). The new Sowers Management Team is now complete. Sowers looks forward with great enthusiasm to the vigor of this new leadership as the company stands on the brink of the new millennium.

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Consummate Transition, a year in the making
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