Jeff Kreuer
Sales & Marketing Manager


LEBANON, PENNSYLVANIA: Sowers Printing Company has recently announced the appointment of Jeffrey A. Kreuer as Sales and Marketing Manager. Geoffrey L. Sowers, President, states that this appointment completes a major transition that was started by the company in March 1997.

Kreuer's main responsibility will be to develop, manage, and coordinate all phases of the marketing and sales effort for the company, including the staffing, training, and management of Sowers' expanding salesforce.

With Kreuer onboard, Sowers is now in an ideal position to achieve significant growth. According to Kreuer, "My first order of business will be to target the most congruent existing and emerging markets for Sowers, and develop penetration strategies and programs designed to effectively communicate to those markets how Sowers can best serve their needs."

Prior to joining Sowers, Kreuer had over 13 years in printing as an account manager, sales manager, and as director of marketing. He is a graduate of the Valley Forge Military Academy and York College, where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Kreuer currently resides in the York area with his family.

Kreuer also commented that one of the company's greatest accomplishments occurred during the past year with the acquisition of the highest number of new customers in its 116-year history. With an expanded, newly-reorganized salesforce, Sowers will continue providing complete sales coverage to clients and prospects located in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Sowers Printing began its transition process in March of 1997, when it retained the services of John M. Collard, President of Strategic Management Partners of Annapolis, Maryland, as a transitional manager. Collard's first assignment was to conduct a thorough evaluation of Sowers' sales, marketing, and internal operations. His next order of business was to review and revamp staff positions, hire seven new sales representatives, and bring in a new General Manager, Arthur G. Schafer, who took over the day-to-day operation of the business last Fall.

Geoffrey Sowers, who will continue as chief executive officer stated, "With the rapid advances taking place in the printing industry, new leadership and fresh ideas were needed in order for us to grow at a faster pace."

Rounding out Sowers new management team with Schafer are: Christopher Sowers, Chief Financial Officer; Gale Foster, Assistant Controller; Frank Saich, Jr., continuing as Plant Manager; Keith Templin, Supervisor of Estimating and Pricing; Jeffrey Kreuer; Sales and Marketing Manager; and James Westenberger, who fills a new position as Production Scheduler.

Part of the transition process also included more-rapid advancements into alternative electronic output, including CD-ROM, website design, and a making a major investment to further enhance Sowers electronic film processing and proofing capabilities.

With their new management staff and projected equipment purchases, Sowers realistically plans to achieve a 20% minimum growth in volume during 1998.

In business since 1882, Sowers Printing Company offers a full line of printing services, from design consultation to desktop publishing, multi-color sheetfed and web printing, through mailing and fulfillment.

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