From left to right, Geoffrey L. Sowers, president, John M. Collard (standing), chief operating officer, Arthur Schafer (seated), general manager, and Christopher Sowers (standing), director of finance and administration.
Sowers Transition Progress
Reaches Record Bookings Two Months in a Row

Sowers Printing Company is pleased to announce that it has completed the formulation of its new management team and is well on the way to finalizing the transition it started earlier this year. Michael Bevacqua has joined Sowers as Sales Manager, rounding out a team of qualified professionals who will guide the company into the future. Mr. Bevacqua brings 25 years of printing sales management experience to the company, and specializes in developing sales- and customer service-driven teams to benefit customer needs.

For the second month in a row, Sowers posted record July bookings again at an annualized rate in excess of $10.5 million, 20% ahead of years past. July value added sales and profits are up, forecasting what promises to be the beginning of a record-growth period.

The company has also added Antonia Lawver, as a sales representative for the Manhattan, New York territory, and Peter Milcznski, as a sales representative for the southern New York territory. Both will be operating from Sowers' New York office. Ms. Lawver and Mr. Milcznski bring many years of experience in the printing industry and make an outstanding complement to the sales team. Sowers now has only one sales position to fill; that of the Northern New Jersey territory.

A celebrity once said, "I love it when a plan comes together."

"So do I," said John M. Collard, Sowers' COO and the President of Strategic Management Partners, Inc., Annapolis, Maryland, the architect of this transition , "and this plan ... this team ... this company ... has come together exactly as intended." Collard went on to say, "This transition has been successful because of the willingness of the Board and the CEO to delegate responsibility to management, invest in the future, and support the process. We now have a unified team with the talent needed to run this company autonomously; thereby, providing the owners with an annuity for years to come, and adding value to the company as a whole."

Owner and CEO, Geoffrey L. Sowers said, "I am delighted that this transition process has been a success. I'm looking forward to continued positive results at record levels. It was a difficult decision to make, but I'm glad that we chose this course of action, and would recommend it to others faced with a similar situation. I'm already comfortable knowing that I can begin to enjoy my retirement, while confident that our team cares for our customers."

According to Arthur G. Schafer, newly appointed General Manager, "I'm excited with the opportunity to guide an entirely new team at Sowers. Combining the talent and drive of this highly-competent group, I'm confident that record growth can continue to be achieved. The company is well known in the marketplace for high quality and on-time delivery, providing a solid foundation upon which to build."

Michael Bevacqua, Sales Manager, says, "This is a rare career opportunity -- leading an entirely new sales team to present a new range of communication services offered by a whole new Sowers and penetrate new markets and territories. Our team of carefully-selected, high-caliber professionals will undoubtedly make great inroads in a changing printing industry. I have tremendous confidence in their abilities."

In business since 1882, Sowers Printing is a company in the change process to meet expanding customer needs. Sowers now offers a full line of communication services, from art, design consultation to desktop publishing, printing, CD-ROM, TV-video, and web page design, distribution through mailing and fulfillment, to clients from New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and metro areas and all of Pennsylvania to Washington, D.C.

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